Princess Knee Length Dress, Plus Size 

This one was inspired by us experimenting with sounds and wave forms on the oscilloscope. The triangle and sawtooth patterns were my inspiration. Triangulation also has many other definitions, besides the obvious- With radio transmission, used to measure radial distance or direction. Politicians use this strategy by stating their ideology as being above or between the left and right wings of the traditional democratic spectrum. On a psychological level, is a form of indirect communication (one person acting as a messenger between two others, often changing the story to suit themselves, playing one against the other). This happens with friends or family members. The guilty party will usually engage in character assassination with both parties. This is also known as splitting which is linked to narcissistic personality disorder. Finally, social sciences- this is a method used in case studies to check results of the same subject/object.

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Take a deep breath & measure your bust circumference just below the arm hole (widest part of the bust for women). This is your Bust width. Refer to the size chart (row labelled "Bust") and select the size that's closest to your measurement.

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Size Chart - Princess Knee Length Dress, Plus Size

Bust (inch)4044485256
Waist (inch)3438414649
Hip (inch)4347515761
Length (Shoulder to Hem) (inch)4040424446

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